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Our Misty Of Chincoteague Look A Like Mare

Meet BETZ, a gun-metal pinto, 12 hands high, 700 pounds in weight. Betz swam the channel from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island, Virginia in 1975. She was just a young foal that summer.

She has been an exceptional all-around horse. She has given youngsters rides and with each child eventually slipping down off the pony's side while the pony is moving. Betz immediately, not taking another step, even holding her hoof up in mid-air, until that child is picked up.

Most foals are born in the darkness of the night, and with the safety of the herd close by. But, once in a while, you'll get a Mare like Betz. She has always delivered her foal in mid-day, taking a few hours off from eating mouthfuls of grass. She is 16 years of age here and also needs a little assisting with her foaling.

Side view of Betz in her 11th month or 336 day gestation period. Deb Frederick grooming Betz.

One of the first signs of the coming birth may occur sometime between two to six weeks when the Mare's udder will fill with milk. About four to six days prior to birthing, small droplets of milk can be seen on the ends of the mare's teats. This is called "waxing".

Betz has ruptured her water bag. The birth has started.
The front feet of the foal come first.
Betz lays down to give birth.
Gale and April Frederick assisting the mare.
Sir Dot, the Chincoteague Stallion, watches with excitement.
The foal is out. We let Betz to the rest.
We let the foal see the mother first. There is an immediate bond. The mare cleans the birth sack off the foal.
April Frederick, checking on the new foal.
Afterbirth is almost out. And the peacocks and other animals all come and welcome the new arrival. A little ?????? colt, later named Stormy.
Resting, but not for long.
Back to grazing. The newborn is still "getting his legs."

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