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Bellingham Herald

March 2003
"Ferndale FFA Takes Over Care Of Rare Feral Ponies"
'Local woman's love of horses led to private breeding program for Chincoteague Ponies'
By Jack Kintner

July 26, 2002
"Chincoteague legacy"
'Famed ponies thrive in Whatcom County'
By Fiona Cohen

Capital Press Agriculture Weekly

December 17th, 2004
"Transcontinental Legend"
By Cookson Beecher

Farm and Ranch Living Magazine

June/July 2003
"There Are Canaries and Fish, But Ponies Get the Attention"

Lynden Record - Journal

March 24, 2003
"Ferndale FFA Receives Rare Chincoteague Pony"
'Gale Park Frederick, FHS 1961 grad, has bred the Chincoteague for 26 years.'
By Calvin Bratt

National Day of The Horse

December 13, 2004
Letter from Patty Murray, United States Senator

Network Solutions

Web Presence Helps Small Business Succeed in a Crowded Market

New York Times

Annual Chincoteague Pony Swim

Paisley Pony

August/September 2005
"Chincoteague Ponies...So Much More...."
an article
"The Feather Fund: A Chincoteague Pony Story of Hope"
by Lois Szymanski

Seattle PI

August 22, 2002
"Ponies You Might Want To Take Home"
By Jon Hahn

Wall Street Journal

Annual Chincoteague Island Pony Swim

Whatcom Independent

August 6-12, 2004
"Local Farm Home to Rare Chincoteague Ponies"
By Dana E Blozis

Poem: To My Mother

By Deborah Ann Frederick, Age 17
Summer 1990

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